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100 Tribecoin Winner: Create Your Dream F2 Team

Did you win?

After a few days and just enough entries to shake a regular sized stick at, I've been able to decide who chose the best driver line-up and get their hands on 100 Tribecoin. I also loved how most people also added a Team Principle even though there was no need to. But before we get to who the winner is I wanted to highlight a couple of the memorable runner-ups. So without further ado...

4th Place - Yorkshire Terrier

Their entry, "Susie Wolff and Sophia Floersch driving, Sandra Bullock as team principle - she knows a thing or two about speed..." makes it onto the list because I quite liked the idea of those two driving in the same team together. Points are taken away though thanks to the awful speed pun. Better luck next time.

3rd Place - Matthew Lange

"If we're going total fantasy and F1 drivers of the past who would not want to see how Juan Manuel Fangio and Jim Clark would go in a modern Racing car? Team principal lets bring back Ron Dennis." Seeing these two classic drivers in modern equal machinery and seeing what they could do with it would just be awesome to see. And with Ron Dennis as principle, it just feels right. Solid choice.

2nd Place - Kiran Ganesh

His entry of "Dan "I'm so unlucky" Ticktum, and our Lord and saviour Mahaveer Raghunathan. And I'd give team principal role to John Coleman" is just so fantastically silly that it earns second place. There's no way this team would see much - if any - success and might just mean there are tons more crashes during races but it would be entertaining to watch nonetheless.

But none of those were the winner because that privilege belongs to...

1st Place - Antony Di Gerlando

"Davide Valsecchi, because have you heard the man commentate ?! And Nico Hulkenberg because he somehow beat Maldonado to the 2009 championship... somehow. Team Principal? William Storey."

After listening to some of his commentary and knowing how fun 'The Hulk' is, this driver pairing wins it for me. You know it would be a fun and passionate team rich with energy. If you've not heard him commentate, take a listen here:

Well done to the runners up and congratulations to Antony Di Gerlando - you'll be receiving 100 freshly minted Tribecoins very soon!

Thank You to everyone who took part in this competition. Did you enjoy this Tribecoin Competition? Think you could have come up with a better driver combination than any of the ones on this list? Let me know in the comments below.

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