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100 Tribecoin WINNERS - Name Your Own F1 Team.

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32w ago

After five days and a lifetime supply of comments, I've been able to choose the names submitted by you that I think are the best. Before we get to the winning team name though, I wanted to highlight some of the memorable runner ups. So without further ado...

6th Place - 'Off Every Night' by Jeremy Polanco

Without context, not a great name but when accompanied by Jeremy's reasoning behind the name, you can make your own conclusions and see why I chuckled like an immature teenager.

"I don't think anyone would want to beat them" - Jeremy Polanco .

5th Place - 'Apple F1 Team' by John Coleman

This name got a lot of likes and replies to it which resulted in some good laughs. With how much money they have these days, I am a little surprised that there haven't even been some rumours of Apple developing an F1 team - maybe there will be after this.

4th Place - 'Drive Tribe Oh Cock Racing' by Kiran Ganesh

'Powered by a Dacia V6 with Thiemo Albers-Daly and John Coleman as drivers and Kiran as Team Principal', this one was definitely worthy of a place on this list. If you want to see this racing team become a reality, say so in the comments below and we'll try and get a Drive Tribe Racing Team started 😂 It will probably be as successful as the name of the team suggests.

3rd Place - 'Blue Calve' by River Bolster

Described as the main rival to Red Bull, this name did amuse me and sometimes that's all a name needs to do to come in third place on a Drive Tribe Tribecoin Competition.

2nd Place - 'Vitesse Racing' by Leila Lopez Marks

Another simple and straightforward name, 'Vitesse Racing' translates to 'Speed Racing' which I will admit, doesn't sound as good in English. But luckily, it's in French and rolls off the tongue quite nicely as a result. You could easily see this being the name of a legitimate F1 team in the future. You heard the name here first folks.

But none of those were the winning team name. The winner of the 100 Tribecoin Competition for Naming Your Own F1 Team goes to...

1st Place - 'Fulmini Racing' by THROTTLE GIRL

Simple. Elegant. Cool. In choosing this name, THROTTLE GIRL said,

"it means lightning in italian! i think it sounds cool, bc f1 cars are ofc really fast and “they go like lighting”" - THROTTLE GIRL

The name got 20 likes in the comments and two 'That's Pretty Damn Cool' Badges which helped in making the decision. It just work as a name for an F1 team and as an early entrant, it showed that the competition was getting off to a really good start. Like the fictional F1 team itself, the name just charged away and won outright. How poetic.

Well done to the runners up and congratulations to THROTTLE GIRL - you'll be receiving 100 freshly minted Tribecoins very soon!

Thank You to everyone who took part in this competition. Did you enjoy this Tribecoin Competition? Think you could have come up with a better name than any of the ones on this list? Let me know in the comments below.

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