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1,000 Tribecoin Challenge: Design A Car Commercial

Design a unique and original car commercial with any vehicle of choice. The winner will receive 1000 TribeCoins.

6w ago

Nearly six months ago, I created a challenge for anyone to design a custom car advertisement in a chance to win 1000 TribeCoins. It was brilliant, to say the least. So many of you submitted wonderful advertisements, with the exception of some being magazine quality.

However, this time I have thought of a challenge that will be far more hands-on and engaging. You don't have to be good at editing or even filming but what I'm seeking to see is who can make the most original and unique automotive commercial with any vehicle of choice. You can use your vehicle, your friends, your parents. Anyone vehicle will do. I will also allow for diecast vehicles and fictional car brands developed on this website to be used.

Here are the details of the challenge:

Pick a Vehicle and Film Your Commerical.

As said, any vehicle will do. You can even use a diecast vehicle or your own created brand for the purpose of this challenge. However, you must ensure that this commercial is a video and not just simply a photo. If you are uncomfortable with filming a video of displaying yourself or speaking in the video, it's not necessary. Take a look at modern car commercials. They usually have minimal talking, usually, voice-overs and the use of extras are becoming far more limited depending on the brand. It is very possible to film a car commercial without actually appearing in it physically. It just may require additional editing.

Submit Your Commerical Via Email.

Once you have completed your commercial, please email your submission to davidnoonan@autoreportsweekly.com. Please also remember to attach your name or username associated with your DriveTribe account. The winning commercial and a list of honourable mentions will be attached to the final article.

Deadline for Submission and Prizes.

The deadline for video submission is Friday, November 19th, 2021 at 11:59 pm (EDT). The first-place winner will receive 1000 TribeCoins. The second-place will receive 10 TribeCoins and the third-place will receive an honourable mention. The rest of the commercial submissions will be included in the article only if the owner of the video provides consent in the submission email. Videos without prior consent will not be attached in the article as per Section 107 defining 'Fair Use' under the Copyright Act 1976.

Have Fun and Good Luck!

Ideally, this challenge is designed for you to have fun, show off your artistic talents, and compete for a chance to win a lot of TribeCoins. If you are not good with filming or editing, do not worry. I am not looking for the next automotive commercial to put on television. I am simply looking for a unique and individualistic take on a car commercial. Good luck!

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