€10,000 On The Line In The Logitech G Championship Final

2y ago


The final round will see drivers behind the wheel of the Formula Renault 3.5

The open setup format means competitors need to be highly-skilled as both engineers and drivers as they strive for the absolute perfection required to rise to the top of the leaderboard. Every inch of tarmac and every element of the car must be squeezed to the limit to have any chance at clinching the title.

Use the hashtags #SDLWIN or #SHARKWIN on Twitter to tell us who you think is going to win.

In the Console Division, the battle couldn’t be closer as last years biggest rivalry returns for a grudge match. SDL Motorsport enter the final round leading by just 9 Championship Points, built on the back of four crucial wins. Team Shark meanwhile, have only won twice, but remain in the hunt courtesy of their consistency which has seen them score more podiums than any other team. For SDL to take the title, it'll need its five-man squad to find an extra bit of pace to fill more of the Top 10 positions in this final round. The momentum coming into this final event, though, is with Team Shark, as its drivers have narrowly outscored the SDL lineup in each of the last three rounds.

In the PC Division, the title is already firmly in the hands of SDL Motorsport thanks to drivers Mangator and Masa having been dominant since the first round with some terrific performances throughout the season. The only serious threat has come from 2015 Driver Network Championship MVP, FinPro, who currently sits third in the driver standings. This is a remarkable achievement for a driver who doesn’t have the support network of a team to assist with setups and driving advice. No doubt his name will appear at the top of many teams’ recruitment list during the Winter Off-Season.

Check projectcarsesports.com for the results next week, and more info on the drivers, teams, and series.