101 Squadron: Car colouring books.

Who says colouring is only for kids!

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What would we do without Facebook these days, I know I have said it before but honestly you find so much cool automotive stuff on it, last week I came across a page called 101 Squadron, I clicked in an found out that they draw,print and sell car colouring books, who says colouring is just for kids, this is their main product as well as hoodies, t-shirts and stickers but I will admit the colouring books caught my eye firstly.

There are 3 colouring books in total:

1.JDM Original book

This was the first book released 3 years ago. Features 52 cars . It has a mixture of Japanese cars and race cars with livery

2.JDM Kouki Edition Book

This is the newly updated one released earlier this year . Features 53 cars

3.JDM Racing edition book . This book has 54 race, rally, drift cars all from Japan with original livery and logos.

I decided to send the page a message to find out more, plus I wanted to purchase one that had an s15 in it! I got a message back from the owner Rudi, a nice guy I asked him about the colouring books where he got the idea for them etc also asked him a few questions!

Rudi- I started the company back in 2013, then it was just shirts and stickers.

In 2015 I was in Los Angeles on holidays and saw a low riders colouring book in a shop and the idea clicked in my head.

I started drawing the cars right away but it took a long time, almost 12 months to draw that first book. I also was unsure if the idea would even work so I would loose motivation a lot, but I finally had it finished in late 2016 and started selling them. It was popular but has really gained exposure the last few months after it got featured on Mighty Car Mods and some other popular Youtube channels.

I asked Rudi if he had any plans to bring more colouring books out he told me '' I actually want to expand and maybe to Euro, American, supercars colouring books in the future.Who knows what else..

Rudi also offers the colouring books as a digital download at a slightly cheaper price.

I think I am going to be purchasing all of the JDM colouring books after Christmas.

IF you would like to see more about these colouring books etc you can find more information here on 101 squadrons website and facebook page!



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