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11 Car Names people commonly misspell

Please check before you press send!

One particular gripe I have in life is when people have made it to certain ages and are still incapable of deciphering 'there', 'their' and 'they're'. All over social media, you will come across full-blown adults who clearly never passed their nursery spelling tests.

It's such a simple aspect of life, yet some people still can't be bothered to educate themselves - or worse, check it before posting their message. It drives me mad!

Car terms on the other hand can be a little bit more complicated. Often, there are foreign terms which for English speakers, do require some practice. Others are... well... blatantly wrong and it staggers me that some of these mistakes are even made.

Here's a list of eleven examples.

1. Alfa Romeo

Image credit: Alfa Romeo

Image credit: Alfa Romeo

Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili: that's what the Alfa part in Alfa Romeo stands for. Between 1910 and 1915, the company was simply called A.L.F.A.

Keyboarders on the other hand tend to get this simple spelling wrong all the time. Repeatedly, there's been 'Alpha'. I happen to believe that auto-correct could be the reason behind some cases, but I also feel as if some people type it deliberately because they're misinformed.

Nevertheless, please get it right, people. You have no idea how much it grinds the gears of petrolheads when they see 'Alpha' instead of 'Alfa'.

2. Miura

Image credit: Lamborghini

Image credit: Lamborghini

Even I spelled Miura incorrectly in my younger days. But it appears I'm not entirely alone as a lot of other people have done it as well.

The i comes straight after the M; that's the important thing to remember. Quite commonly, people have spelt it as Muria (with the I after the R).

Remember this for next time the car comes up in conversation.

3. Quadrifoglio

Image credit: Alfa Romeo

Image credit: Alfa Romeo

It's a long Italian word. It would be common knowledge that not everyone would nail the spelling of Alfa's performance badge the first time.

People have thrown in all sorts of letters, so let's learn for the greater good: Quad-rifo-glio. Hopefully breaking it down should improve the memories of fellow petrolheads.

4. "Große"

Image credit: Mercedes Benz

Image credit: Mercedes Benz

In popular car culture, Merc's rather enormous, massively over-engineered limousine is referred to as the 'Grosser'. Technically, this is wrong, but sort-of right at the same time.

Since launch, the 600 was nicknamed 'der große Mercedes' - translating to 'the grand Mercedes'. Implying that this is (obviously), the top rank, best model of the brand's then-offerings.

In English, people spell it as 'Grosser' because that's exactly what 'große' sounds like in German. (The b-looking letter is two S'). Even more crazily, people have even said 600 'grocer' at times.

Come on! Half of the world's dictators weren't exactly greengrocers, were they?

5. 308 Quattrovalvole

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

Again, another long Italian term that people misspell similarly to the Alfa Quadrifoglio.

In Italian, Quattrovalvole means four valves - implying that this version of the Ferrari 308's engine has four valves per-cylinder.

So, let's do this together: Quattro-val-vole. Got it? Cool.

6. Murcielago

Image credit: Lamborghini

Image credit: Lamborghini

Murcie-lago. That's how you can break up the name of Lamborghini's V12 flagship supercar that succeeded the Diablo in 2001. Interestingly, the name itself translates to 'bat' from Spanish.

This one gets misspelled all the time and usually, people just shorten it to 'Murci' for an easier time on the keyboard.

7. Delta Integrale

Image credit: Lancia

Image credit: Lancia

It's easy to misspell it as 'Intergrale' (R after the E), so all you have to do is remember not to use the R. You could save yourself a valuable millisecond of your life!

8. Ford Galaxie/Galaxy

Quite often, I've seen people spell the classic 1960s/70s Ford Galaxie as 'Galaxy' (like the modern day 7-seater people carrier) and vice versa.

To clear things up, the old V8 land yacht is spelt Galaxie. The modern dull-mobile on the other hand, is spelt Galaxy.

Each respective mistake has been made too many times...

9. Touareg

Image credit: VW

Image credit: VW

Time and time again, people mess up on Volkswagen's big SUV. Touareg is understandably a word that needs reading a few times to get the hang of.

People often start with 'tour' when spelling it out, but it's dead important to remember that after the U, there is an A.

So, Toua-reg. Touareg. Hopefully, you're with me.

10. Phaeton

Image credit: VW

Image credit: VW

Continuing the list with another plush Volkswagen, the Phaeton is frequently misspelled and it's time to correct everyone for once and for all.

It's not Pheaton with the E before the A, it's Phaeton with the A before the E. The clue is in the pronunciation when journalists said it as 'fayton'.

But with all due respect, it can be easy to type it wrong without realising. So, the moral here is to double check!

11. Huayra

Image credit: Wikipedia

Image credit: Wikipedia

Made famous in Top Gear of course, is the gorgeous hypercar with the name that few people nail on the spot.

The car was named after Huayra-tata: a Quechua God of wind. As interesting as that is, people still get the name wrong.

As ever, just split it up to remember: Hua-yra. Simples!

What else is there?

Image credit: Alfa Romeo

Image credit: Alfa Romeo

So, that's a little list of eight car names that people commonly misspell. What others have you seen in your experience? Feel free to share in the comments.

Nevertheless, I hope you enjoyed reading and possibly helped a few of you out.


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Comments (99)

  • I love Alpha Romeos and Porshe Boxters. Also the Lamborgini Muira and Murcelego.

    *Enraged Aaron*

      1 month ago
  • What about the Shevrolte Camro?

      1 month ago
  • Robin Reliant instead of the correct Reliant Robin.

      1 month ago
  • NOTE: I have no idea why Große shows up as 'Grosse' in the Merc 600 subtitle. The 'ß' was there in the studio as I was writing it, but it automatically changed to 'Grosse' when I hit publish!

    Apologies for any confusion. DT's studio appears to accept one language at a time...

      1 month ago
    • It's because ß in German can be replaced by 'ss' and it's capital form is "SS" so there's nothing wrong with it.

        1 month ago
  • The problem is really pronunciation causing the mis-spelling. When manufacturers make up names then they’ve got to expect that.

      1 month ago


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