11 Sexiest Volvos of all time

18w ago


Volvos are just boxy cars that grandparents drive to the auctions and bring home clocks in right? WRONG! I've always had a soft spot for Volvos which pretty much all stems from one car in the '90s. I won't spoil what that car is as it features in my wonderful list below. However, I'll give you a clue… the racing driver's name rhymes with Smickard Smydell.

Anyway, I wanted to prove the perception of Volvos being boring wrong, so I've compiled a list of the sexiest Volvos of all time. For everyone that disagrees with me that they can be sexy, I have 11 chances to convince you.

So, get comfy in your IKEA chair, chow down on your Swedish meatballs and stroke your magnificent beard or gorgeous blonde hair and give me the chance to convince you that Volvos are sexy.

11) Hot Rod Jakob

I'm starting off strong. Going in hard. Hot Rod Jakob is the opposite of the normal Volvo image. It may not be a production Volvo, but I needed to start off with some shock and awe. I've only got 10 more chances to convert you.

10) Volvo S60 Polestar

Let's all just take a deep breath and look at this normal saloon. It is sleek, simple and menacing at the same time. What other 4-door saloon looks better than this right now? Be honest.

9) Volvo 480 Turbo

Wowowow, calm down! I'm just throwing this one out there. I really like the 480 Turbo. It is different, sure. But, take that Volvo badge away and slap a Lancia badge on it. Do, you think it's a bit sexier now?


8) Volvo Amazon

There is nothing that could be further from the Swedish climate than the Amazon, but somehow this is a marriage made in heaven. A car that is aching to be modded and hot-rodded, the Amazon is as cool as they come.

7) Volvo C70

Something I was told that I fully believed without doing any research was that the Volvo C70 had the same designer as the Aston martin DB7. I believed it up to the point of writing this article, as the internet is providing no backing to this claim and my entire love for this car is crumbling before my eyes.

If someone could clarify if the designer of the C70 designed anything else that was cool, please let me know before I burn all my Pokemon, Panini stickers and Scalextric in a bomb-fire of my childhood memories.

6) Volvo V90 R-Design

Another prime example that Volvo are absolutely killing it with their modern designs. There is not two-ways about it, this estate is so effortlessly cool. If I was a 42 year old man, with a few grey hairs in my beard, with a young family that are all doing well in life, but I wanted to emphasise that tiny bit of darkness behind my eyes that hints to a not so clean past, this is the perfect car.

5) Volvo P1900

I reckon your face is in the exact state of shock as the car. Yes, Volvo did in fact make this elegant two-seater. Not so boring now, eh?

4) Volvo 850R BTCC

Mmmmmm, that feeling when the reader converts to thinking Volvo is sexy. Oh, it tastes so good.

This is the car I hinted to at the beginning that gave me the attraction to Volvo in the first place.

3) Volvo XC60

When the XC60 launched, Volvo fully shed that boring reputation in my opinion. If you are presented with a free XC60 or Range Rover Evoque, what what you honestly pick? In fact let's put it to a vote:


2) Volvo 262C Bertone

One word: Pimp.

1) Volvo P1800

Made a little bit famous in the programme 'The Saint' featuring Roger Moore, the P1800 is the perfect example that Volvos have been making sexy cars all along. If I haven't convinced you by now, I've got nothing left.