11 times angry people left passive aggressive notes on badly parked cars

Love a bit of passive aggression

2y ago

1) "Parking like a douche"

2) Burn

3) Short but sweet

4) Weird burn

5) I bet this passive aggressive person is a teacher

6) This was bad enough for 2 people to post

7) New Year's resolution

8) Jesus Christ

9) The loveliest hate-mail ever

10) This is my fave

11) They've only bloody printed it out

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Comments (33)

  • Carry zip ties to attach shopping carts to door handles

      2 years ago
  • All hilarious but a few extreme actions to damage cars by keying is just plain wrong.if you're a petrolhead with a beautiful car and are fed up of people dinging your car in Car parks then you park away from the crowd and yes strategically park. I for one have paid way too much money to repair my cars because of inconsiderate door bangers.

      2 years ago
  • See if there is a forklift in the area or if its a smart, flip it into its spot

      2 years ago
  • Has nobody spotted the bloodied thumb in the last photo.......wtf??????

      2 years ago
  • Oh, there are several things I could do. Also, for those of you saying to deflate the tires, that's wrong. You deflate the spare for when they finally need it and they can't use it. Or, if they're dumb enough to leave it unlocked (like finding gold) you remove the spark plugs.

      2 years ago