1105whp Toyota 86... Uh yeah We broke the dyno...

Traction? What traction?

2y ago


It's be a long road, but we are nearly there! In fact WTF86 is ready to go to it's first event next week!

After over a year of work, we finally hit our target horsepower figure, and there's still more left in it :)

Let's just say that the dyno was pretty unimpressed with our progress, with it overheating and spitting oil all over the floor.

While the dyno cooled, we headed off to McElrae Racing to fit up some slicks to our rims, and while we were there, checked out the car-porn.

When we finally made it back to the garage and the dyno numbers were in. Over 1100 hp at the wheels and still climbing!

We also tested out the anti lag, make some flames, because you know - flames are something everyone needs!

Next weekend WTF86 will be going head to head against a 1994 FA15 Formula 1 car in a roll race.. Who will win? We actually have no idea!


In this episode, special thanks to:

MCA Suspension

McElrae Racing

Tuner's Edge

Option 1 Garage

Cameron's Bodyworks

GT Auto

999 Automotive


Hankook/Gary's Motorsport Tyres

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Comments (7)

  • Truely an accomplishment!! what kind of clutch are you using to harness that beast ?

      2 years ago
  • LOL if you want to see dyno breakages head to the summernats in canberra australia in january every year. some of those cars will put the measily 1100hp 4 cylinder to shame. you will see 2000+HP and breaking the dyno. along with actual car things like shiny paint and REAL burnouts!

      2 years ago
    • It's not a 4 cyl. I've been to summernats plenty of times. The top power car last year was 1663hp. At 1105hp, WTF86 would actually have come 2nd place at Summernats 30.. Not sure how that is being "put to shame" :)

        2 years ago
    • the highest power car has been higher than that big block chevy twin turbo. 2100hp

        2 years ago
  • That build is so clean. It even has a radio! Not that you can hear anything apart from the twin turbos. GPS perhaps.

      2 years ago