112 PSI Makes This The Fast 4-Cylinder On Earth

Who needs cylinders when you have boost?

2y ago

The typical turbocharged car from the factory makes around 15psi of boost. When you tune your car you may see that number rise and sometimes even crest 20psi. So 112pis is absolutely insane but that's what it takes to make the fastest 4-cylinder in the world.

The 4G63 4-cylinder engine is from Mitsubishi's performance cars of the 90s. Everything from the EVO to the Eclipse was graced with this engine that became very popular with tuners.

Well it looks like tuners have taken things to a level we couldn't even imagine. With a little more boost, this tiny 4-cylinder took this tiny truck to 6.23@229mph in the 1/4 mile. Now this isn't the quickest run of a 4-cylinder however with a trap speed of 229 mph it is the fastest.

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  • Crazy. My brother is busy with a Datsun Bakkie (Ute) just like that with the original Datsun 1400 engine turned up to eleven. He wants to put around 2-3 bar / 30-45 psi through it with maybe a extra 75hp shot of nitrous.

      2 years ago