1/18 scale Rally Cossie

1/18 scale Ford Sierra RS Cosworth made by IXO

After the fatal accidents in 1986 that led to the end of Group B in rallying, 1987 was a fresh start. Group A - modified road cars with a minimum production run of 5,000 - became the sport's top class. iIn 1997, Group A regulations were expanded, marking the birth of today's World Rally Cars).

It was a completely new chapter in the World Rally Championship: Lancia had been the measure of all things with the Delta for many years until Toyota was able to catch up with them. Later, Mitsubishi, Ford and Subaru joined in as three more manufacturers competing for the crown and developed all-wheel-drive, turbocharged special editions of the rather tame road cars in order to have the right platform for the rally version.

Rally Finland (officially Neste Oil Rally Finland or 1000 Lakes Rally) is a rally event held annually in August on the gravel roads in the area around the Finnish city of Jyväskylä. The rally exists since the 1950s. Originally, it was only held as a national event, but for more than three decades it has been the Finnish round of the FIA World Rally Championship. The rally is known for its high average speeds, its many jumps and the beautiful location of the route sections in the middle of the Finnish forests and lakes.

In 1988, the rally was held from August 26 to 28 and the special stages ranged over almost 500 KM. Ford, like most others, found itself without a fully suitable car. The Sierra Cosworth was very powerful but, with only rear-wheel-drive, lost out to the four-wheel-drive Lancias and Mazdas on loose-surface events. Nevertheless, the Spanish driver duo Carlos Sainz alias "El Matador" and Luis Moya achieved a solid 6th place.

IXO has released a miniature edition of the Sierra Cosworth in 1/18 scale quite some time ago, which I would like to show you here.

The body is well proportioned and also the unmistakable Cosworth rear wing fits neatly into the overall picture. The typical for that time Ford color scheme and the decals are flawless. The wheels with Michelin tires (which are nicely profiled, by the way) are nicely sized and fill the wheel houses almost completely - nevertheless the wheels can be turned freely without any friction. One small detail I really like are the two attached mudflaps, which are printed with the Ford logolThis increases the rally character of the Sierra even more.

If you take a look at the interior, you will discover printed instruments, a filigree steering wheel and a roll cage that is necessary for rally racing. Bucket seats with suggested racing belts and even a fire extinguisher mounted behind the passenger seat is reproduced. Through the rear window the spare wheel clearly visible. As usual with IXO, the wheels are not steerable and there are no doors or hoods to open. As I have often said, you should always keep in mind the relatively low price (70 Euro).

Enjoy the pictures!!!

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