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  • I sorry to say but was just a bad car, ok styling, piss poor interior, bad build quality, and sloppy handling. My friend paid way over sticker had it 6 months and lost a lot.

    11 days ago
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  • Hi,

    Here's some insider info, as I used to work there.

    For all cars, Ford hand-makes a couple of mock-ups and puts them in a design studio. A walk-around review is done by Executive Vice Presidents (EVP) of the company and a consensus usually determines the design to be produced. For this vehicle, a new EVP had been put in charge of the project and when she entered the studio, several EVP's were standing around one of the mock-ups. She commented 'It looks like it is snarling at you, this one looks nicer'. That's the one she insisted they produce.

    I saw the one she rejected - it was on display at Ford's 100th Anniversary Celebration in Dearborn, MI. It was very angular, sharp, and indeed, did have a front-end that was snarling. People were almost drooling over the car and asking if it was a secret reveal of a future product. The (then) retired EVP who was there shared the above story.

    The other element that hurt the car's sales was that there was no 'low cost' version. A key sales ingredient of the Mustang is that there is a 'low cost' version that many more can afford compared to the 'top end' version. The low cost models (high volume) generally pay for the development costs and the top end models (lower volume) provide the profit. This T-Bird didn't do that and never turned enough of a profit to cover the Research, Design, Production, and Support.

    That's the story as I was told, and now you have it too.


    12 days ago
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