1.2 Million Mile Toyota Truck

A 2008 Toyota Tacoma in the USA has racked up over a Million Miles with the same owner.

2y ago

The Tacoma is the Hilux for Americans

Everywhere else in the world you guys see it as the Hilux and it looks different from our Toyota Tacoma. However, they both live up to their bullet proof reliablity as being about as hard to kill as a T1000 Terminator.

In North Carolina there is a man who has driven his 2008 Tacoma 4cyl extended cab pickup truck for over 1.2 Million miles! The owner, Mike, works as a nuclear medicine delivery driver. Mike's job takes him on daily commutes averaging 425 miles, highest being 800 miles in a day, all over North Carolina and Virginia. Nuclear medicine being used for cancer patients who inject it prior to a CAT scan in order to see the process their treatment is taking.

Mike purchased the Tacoma new so he is the original owner. He does all his own oil changes and does it once a month between 7-10k miles. The transmission has been untouched. The engine, however, was replaced at 880k miles due to a blown head gasket. The suspension is original with the Tacoma still using its factory springs and shocks.

Something I learned was that due to the Tacoma's digital odometer it will never clock over from 999,999. That's one drawback with digital, you'll never see it turn over back to zero. Mike keeps track of the mileage using the trip odometer and keeps a manual log for his records.

On the tailgate Mike has a sign that shows the up-to-date mileage and underneath it reads "God Blessed Miles". Which regardless of one's thoughts on the afterlife there is something to be said that for the amount of miles this truck has seen it has never been involved in a fender bender or accident. Something is looking after this little blue truck, besides Mike.

I love seeing super high mileage vehicles. Its endearing and inspirational in a very specific way. Mike said it best, "You gotta have dependable transportation and that's why I got a Tacoma."

Here is the link to the video, its just under 8 minutes long.

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  • If I lived anywhere remote, this is what I'd have.

      2 years ago
    • I own a 2006 4cly with a manual and I have to agree. I love my GM trucks and V8's but the Tacoma is our mule. Trust worthy.

        2 years ago