$1.2 million Porsche 962C has a huge crash at Spa

Reports say the driver escaped without serious injuries

4w ago

A classic Porsche 962C worth $1.2 million has crashed while driving around Spa in Belgium.

A video from Auto Addiction on YouTube captured the event at Spa-Francorchamps. As it passed the chicane and was approaching the start-finish line, its backside stepped out, sending the car nose first into the wall. The impact completely destroyed the Porsche's front, including the doors that were ripped from the vintage race car.

Thankfully, no other cars were involved and the driver is said to have escaped with no serious injuries – which is amazing when you consider the car probably hit the wall at around 60 mph.

The Porsche 962 was developed in the early 1980s as a race car that went on to set an overall Nürburgring record that lasted for 35 years. Today, they are valued at around $1.2 million so it is possible the nose will be mended on this example, but it's hard to determine the fate of it.

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