12 U.S. governors urge Biden to end ICE cars by 2035 in the entire country

Will the U.S. be able to switch to electric power?

2w ago

The striking decision to ban the sale of new combustion engine cars in Washington State from 2030 has not been without consequences. Twelve American governors have decided to take the matter into their own hands by calling for additional measures on a national scale.

The governors of California, Rhode Island, New York, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maine, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon and Washington sent a letter to President Biden ordering him to act as quickly as possible to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles.

In the massive $2 trillion stimulus package announced a few weeks ago, $174 billion will be used to develop electric vehicles through the expansion of charging infrastructure and increased purchase incentives. No ban on the sale of combustion engine cars is yet considered in this plan.

The twelve governors are therefore demanding a total ban on the sale of new combustion engine cars in the United States from 2035. To achieve this ambitious goal, they are calling for an immediate and gradual increase in fuel taxes. An even more advantageous tax regime would also be applied to electric cars.

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Comments (115)

  • We need synthetic fuels, not electric vehicles!

      19 days ago
    • Yes

        19 days ago
    • I hope Porsche and others are successful with pushing synthetic fuels but it seems that too many companies are jumping on the EV only bandwagon.

        19 days ago
  • The list of people I strongly dislike now include 12 US governors.

      19 days ago
  • This country is going downhill fast.

      19 days ago
    • Sadly, I agree. It’s only dem. Governors that are asking for ice to stop being sold because they are getting paid to do so

        18 days ago
    • Politicians should wear their sponsors logos on their jackets like nascar, what a joke politics are in this day and age.

      I got this idea from the movie Man of the Year, and really wish this could be implemented. The more the “donation” the...

      Read more
        15 days ago
  • I'm not surprised by any of the states apart from North Carolina. How can the home of most NASCAR teams turn against its inhabitants like this? I'm very disappointed.

      19 days ago
  • Oh good, more reason for me to hate my governor. As if I needed any more excuses.

    (Californian who's been wanting to escape for the past six years.)

      19 days ago