- Image source: ConsumerAffairs.com

The AA Charitable Trust did a survey of 20,561 drivers and found out that a total of 22 percent admit feeling sleepy while driving their car. That is a total of one out of eight people falling asleep when driving.

Edmund King who is the director and president of the AA charitable trust said: “A driver who nods off for just three or four seconds on a motorway would have covered the length of a football pitch with closed eyes. A 30-second nap while travelling at 60 mph covers half a mile – a terrifying thought.”

It is believed that tired drivers caused a total of 53 fatal and 351 serious accidents last year. There are many contributions to why you are sometimes tired while driving and here are a few.

The 5 main reasons people fall asleep while driving

1: They have had a hard or long day at work (39 percent)

2: Monotony of a journey (33 percent)

3: Late night driving (27 percent)

4: Trying to cover too much distance in a single day (27 percent)

5: Lack of sleep the night before (26 percent)

Which one of these ways do you feel tired at the wheel?


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