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13% of people admit to falling asleep while driving

A survey by the AA Charitable Trust has revealed some shocking numbers

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The AA Charitable Trust did a survey of 20,561 drivers and found out that a total of 22 percent admit feeling sleepy while driving their car. That is a total of one out of eight people falling asleep when driving.

Edmund King who is the director and president of the AA charitable trust said: “A driver who nods off for just three or four seconds on a motorway would have covered the length of a football pitch with closed eyes. A 30-second nap while travelling at 60 mph covers half a mile – a terrifying thought.”

It is believed that tired drivers caused a total of 53 fatal and 351 serious accidents last year. There are many contributions to why you are sometimes tired while driving and here are a few.

The 5 main reasons people fall asleep while driving

1: They have had a hard or long day at work (39 percent)

2: Monotony of a journey (33 percent)

3: Late night driving (27 percent)

4: Trying to cover too much distance in a single day (27 percent)

5: Lack of sleep the night before (26 percent)

Which one of these ways do you feel tired at the wheel?

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Comments (5)

  • Driving a boring car should be on one! 😂

      1 year ago
  • See, car enthusiasm could save your life.

      1 year ago
  • I bet it rarely happens when you're doing 200km/h on an autobahn.

      1 year ago
  • NY has an amazing amount of visually dull roads. If it wasn't for the random racket of lousy pavement you'd have no sense of movement. These are generally the mutli-lane "highways" or "expressways". Deliberate quotes for irony. Thankfully there's the tractor trailers bearing down on you in any/every lane, raising your stress levels above "comatose".

    On the plus side we do have some excellent "parkways" that wind their way through the scenery. No effort was made to go in a straight line. If a mountain was in the way, you either went over it or around it. The speed limits may be lower in places but you reach your destination almost as fast, and feeling like you actually drove somewhere. It's pretty good on a motorcycle, too.

      1 year ago
  • Honestly it's usually down to driving large distances with literally no sleep...

      1 year ago