14 Unmissable UK Motoring Events in 2017

Forget the Geneva Motor Show. Tell the Mille Miglia you're busy. Call Pebble Beach and let them to save on postage for your invite - you'll be RSVPing 'No'. The best motoring events are in the U.K. Allow me to play secretary for a moment. Feast your eyes on the following meets, exhibitions, hill climbs and races like a school kid in some kind of a sweet shop and pick and choose to your liking. Like all of them? Well you're in luck because none of them clash. Sorry I can't write them down in your diary for you.

The Pomeroy Trophy Competition - 18 February

The VSCC Pomeroy Trophy Competition - Looking forward to many "WHAT YEAR IS THIS?!?" moments

The second event on the Vintage Sports Car Club's calendar, this is slightly more laid-back than their first, the Measham Overnight Rally. This is the event that encapsulate's the club's raison d'etre. The Pomeroy Trophy pits pre-war and post-war machines against each other to find the fastest and most agile. Expect an extraordinary gathering of rare vintage and post war vehicles at the Silverstone circuit. Link to details below.


The London Classic Car Show - 23/26 February

If you're as allergic to the UK's miserable winter as much as an XK120 is to gritted roads then check out the London Classic Car Show. Held in London's Excel centre in Hammersmith, exhibition brings together dealers, manufacturers and car clubs under one roof. It's not all stationery, either, as an indoor track at the venue will provide a runway for the classics to strut their stuff on. This year look out for six-time Le Mans winner Jacky Ickx who will be talking about his career on stage with motoring broadcaster Henry Hope-Frost at the Gala Evening on the Thursday. Fans of Ferrari will be entertained with a specially invited panel of celebrity Ferrari fanatics. 2017 will also see the first year of the Historic Motorsport International with a conference program hosted by Henry Hope-Frost.


Goodwood Members Meeting - 18/19 March

The Goodwood events barely need any introduction. The Members' Meeting kicks off Goodwood's jam-packed event diary. The event recreates the camaraderie of the BARC Members' Meetings that were held in the grounds during the 1950s and 1960s. Expect tip-top food and drink, classic tin-tops and GTs, high-speed track demonstrations, motorcycles and openwheelers in an atmosphere more intimate (read smaller crowds) than the later events in Goodwood's calendar. Heaven.


Wilton Classic and Supercar - 3/4 June

Billed as the Hay-on-Wye Literary Festival for cars, Wilton Classic and Supercar took a break last year but is back and looks to be a blinder of a weekend. Hosted in the grounds of Lord and Lady Pembroke's home of Wilton in Wiltshire, Lord Pembroke is rearing to share his love for story-telling and cars. The story-telling element is fitting as legend says that Shakespeare was once came to Wilton to produce one of his plays in the courtyard. Cars and their histories will be split into three events held over the two days. Wilton WOW will explore the stories of 300 supercars. Pre-1997 have the stage on Saturday and moderns will get their turn on Sunday. The Concours d’Histoire is a Concours with a twist: cars will be judged on their stories, rather than their fidelity to original factory specs. Finally, Six Nations sees the cars of Britain, Japan, Germany, France, Italy and the USA celebrated in areas themed to their home country. If you want to hear the stories behind the cars you love, this is the event for you.


Cholmondeley Power and Speed - 9/10/11 June

Set in the grounds of Cholmondeley Castle, this festival wants to show you everything: Military stuff, things flying in the air, beer, comedy, classic scramblers, stuff driving around the lake, rallying, supercars and even paint-balling. Can't think of a Goodwood event that has that last one...


Goodwood Festival of Speed - 29/30/1/2 June-July

Image by Jayson Fong

This is the King of the Motoring festivals. Attracting motoring royalty from around the globe (did you spot Keanu Reeves in 2016?) this four day event brings together the world's rarest and beautiful cars. In 1993 the festival revived the hillclimb Lord March's grandfather hosted for the Lancia Car Club in the grounds of Goodwood House in 1936. Unlike the Revival, the Festival of Speed is set next to Goodwood House itself. The Festival of Speed is for dedicated motor-heads. No fancy dress required.


The Chateau Impney Hill Climb - 8/9 July

The Chateau Impney Hill Climb is much more than just the Hill Climb. There's the paddock to get round, the ferris wheel at the vintage funfair to ride and an auction to bid in. Distractions aside, Autocar Magazine hailed the venue as 'easily the most picturesque of this country’s sprint and hill climb venues.' We'll be seeing you there, then.


Grand Prix Silverstone - 16 July

Even F1 drivers call Silverstone 'insanely fast'. But Silverstone is considering dropping the event because the costs are 'insanely high'. The British Racing Drivers' Club (BRDC) - which owns the track - has a contract with F1 to host the British GP until 2026 - but is considering activating a break clause. See it as an excuse to make every year count.


Crystal Palace - 27/28 August

If Reading Festival is the wrong kind of loud noise for you why not try Motorsport at the Palace? Crystal Palace is one of the oldest racing venues in the world. It was the first place that motor-racing was ever televised live. Of course the greatest names in racing have done this circuit including Sir Stirling Moss, Jim Clark, Graham Hill and James Hunt. Turn up the volume.


Goodwood Revival 8/10 September

What ho, old chap! This the must-not-miss event if you're hankering for some good old-fashioned nostalgia. If your interest in cars is more to do with their timeless looks than with what's hidden underneath the bonnet, then has Goodwood got you covered, by gum. Period-correct dress isn't mandatory but you will get disapproving looks if you don't make an effort. But fret not! For there's a market for all of your fashion needs. And if your barnet looks like it could do with some victory rolls there are plenty of salons on-site that have you covered. But book early, the hairdressers are rather popular. Don't forget the real drama that'll be happening on the track... The truly magical Kinrara Trophy debuted in 2016 at dusk and evoked memories of the sun setting over Le Mans.


Kop Hill Climb 16/17 September

Google 'low key', 'old school' and 'in the middle of nowhere' and it'll return Kop Hill. If what you're looking for is a hefty dose of nostalgia and an opportunity to raise a stack of cash for local charities somewhere near Oxford then your search is over. As well as flogging over 800 cars up the hill climb, they've got a wall of death to gawp at and lots of other entertainment. And there's food too. Link to details below.


EGX 21/22/23/24 September

Alright so it's not exclusively a car event. But the gaming community loves a good racing game. If you're fed up of watching other people's moves on the tracks go to EGX to find the latest in sim racing.


Wales Rally GB 26/27/28/29 October

The WRC this year is really delivering and come October time you'll be begging for your place to watch some action and taste the mud. Wrap up warm, it will be in October after all... and in Wales.


Classic Motor Show 10/11/12 November

Before every single classic car goes into hibernation to avoid the salt and grit on the roads, visit Birmingham in November to get your final shot of car action before the year ends. The most exciting element of the show in November is the opportunity to drive a classic car. Sign up for the aptly name 'Drive a Classic Car Experience' and choose from 10 classics including a 1968 E Type, a 1967 Porsche 911 and a 1965 Cortina GT. Where's the dotted line?


Are there any other events you're looking forward to in 2017? Let us know in the comments below.

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