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14 year old girl makes the A-pillar of a car transparent

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A 14-year-old from Pennsylvania, Alaina Gassler, has created a blind spot monitoring system for the A-pillar that essentially makes the A-pillar of the car transparent from the inside. She did this at home and it is brilliant. Apparently, the idea came to her when she saw her mother struggle with visibility in their car.

How does the system work?

She used a webcam, projector, retro-reflective fabric and an adaptor (3D printed). The camera is mounted on the exterior of the car, and relays the image to a projector which is placed on the inside near the sunroof of the car. This projects the images on the A-pillar which is covered in retroreflective fabric. When active, this makes your car's A-pillar 'transparent'.

The best part of this is she does it from home, which is brilliant. There are many companies that are working on blind spot monitoring systems, spending millions on this type of tech. And here comes a girl with a solution that is effective, cheap and works wonders. If this piece of tech could be commercially available in a small and easy to install package, this could work for all car models. I can see motoring being safer because no one would be able to say "I did not see it coming!"

And I nearly forgot to mention - for this neat piece of tech, Alaina Gassler won the 2019 Samueli Foundation Prize. This prize included a neat sum of $25,000.

What do you think?

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  • I really think the point is being missed in these comments. I suppose it is easy to forget that this is a brilliant proof of concept created by a 14 year old future engineer. I'm so glad that STEAM education is becoming more of a focus in the US. The fact that there will be more female influence because of it, will undoubtedly lead to more thoughtful design implementations in the future. CONGRATULATIONS

    4 days ago
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  • That is one of my big complaints with modern cars. The A pillar is so thick you can’t see what’s next to you. I know it’s safer but I want to see the kid on the bicycle that might pull out in front of me. I hope that idea catches on soon.

    5 days ago
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    • That’s perfectly understandable

      5 days ago
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    • my reality comment that this was invented by Jaguar, and is easy to find on youtube...

      but Raunuq Benjamin keeps deleting it as it doesn't match his...

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      1 day ago