140 Seconds Of Annihilation By A Vicious Cobra.

32w ago
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- Real Racing 3

Shadows are dark and are never looked up as a good thing, but the corvette's shadow did something good, it gave birth to one of the most vicious machines on the planet, 'The Shelby 427 Cobra' was developed when americans were burning fuel in their new corvettes. For a car whose name took birth in Carroll Shelby's dream, it is expected to be a certified bonkery, which it was. Carroll Shelby had a dream of making a 2 seater roadster with power enough to restart a dying star. Shelby headed over to Chevrolet for an engine for his car, Chevy being scared of the competition the cobra would provide to the corvette simply denied his request. So what do you do now? make your enemy's enemy your friend, Shelby went to ford to strike up a deal for windsor V8s which would go under the bonnet of a modified Ace AC roadster. The result defined 'The Annihilation of Corvette'. With only 260 produced a nice one can easily be auctioned for upwards of $600,000. The costliest Shelby Cobra was priced at $5 million, which was Carroll Shelby's personal twin supercharged 800HP Cobra, with only 2 of these ever produced one of them went for a dive in pacific ocean when the owner of the car couldn't keep it under control. Summing it all up together, The Cobra is a vicious animal, which is lighter, faster and nastier!

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