One of the ultimate "Godzillas" in HillClimb Racing

Racing in South Africa´s Knysna Speed Festival Hillclimb and claiming victories in the event in 2015, 2016 and a 2nd Place on 2017 this is Desmond Gutzeit´s take on the Iconic Nissan Skyline GTR R32. Starting its life as a Drag car, lots of power was always a requirement. A Highly modified RB28DETT pushing over 1000Hp took care of that but then a new goal came: Knysna Hillclimb´s record.

With various iterations of the model having increasing values of horsepower as it evolved along the years, we arrive at the last version as seen on the video, with over 1400Hp and sporting an Aerodynamic bodykit capable of holding its own among the Time Attack Crowd.

This is a remake of one of our very first videos of the Channel, now with Onboard footage added as well as some important outside shots. This Monster did not compete on 2018 due to health issues wit Mr. Gutzeit, but it is well on its way to return on 2019, as powerful as ever.

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