15 facts you probably didn’t know about Porsche

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Porsche is one of the world's greatest brands, not just in the automotive sphere, but in every other aspect too. It has such a complex and interesting history with many hidden factual gems many of us have no idea about.

In fact, there is so much to know about Porsche, that Robert McGowan has written many books on the company and its cars. His latest book is titled: 'Porsche 911: The practically free trivia book' and it is home to some incredibly interesting nuggets of information.

This book is a part of Robert's 'practically free' range of books where he explains how if bought right, some Porsche models can be practically free. I'll link these at the end, and feel free to check out his page on Amazon.

When Robert told me he had launched a new book, I had to get myself a copy and thought I'd share some of the facts with you on DriveTribe. So, here they are:

1. The first branded Porsche car was approved in Kärten, Austria

2. The first 911s were exported into the U.S. in February 1965

3. Ferdinand designed the Mercedes- Benz type 80 in 1939

4. Ferdinand Porsche designed the Porsche logo on a napkin

5. The first Cayenne (542hp) produced more power than the 911 Turbo S (424hp)

6. Porsche developed the PFM 3200 aircraft engine from the air-cooled flat-six

7. Porsche designed a gasoline-powered tractor for coffee farmers so the diesel

fumes wouldn't impact the coffee's flavour

8. Carrera means 'race' in Spanish

9. Porsche designed a 60-degree overhead cam engine for Harley Davidson

10. Each 911 has around 5,000 welds

11. It's estimated 2/3s of 911s built since the beginning are still on the road

12. 911s have asymmetrical door mirrors

13. The Airbus A300 cockpit was designed by Porsche

14. The most expensive Porsche ever sold was a Porsche 917 K for $14 million

15. Each Porsche boxer engine takes 4.5 hours to assemble

If you enjoyed some of these facts, then there is plenty more to learn in Robert McGowan's new book and I would highly recommend checking it out. As it stands, it is currently up for grabs on Amazon for just £0.77 for the Kindle version if that tempts you anymore.

Did you know any of these facts?

Any not on here you know? Why not share them in the comments!

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Comments (14)

  • The Cayenne produced more power than the 911 Turbo S 6 years before it existed?

      1 month ago
  • I knew 2 3 4 5 8 11 12 14

      1 month ago
  • Some interesting facts that could have made the list: Ferdinand Porsche’s first designs and first loves were electric cars, and “hybrids” where an ICE powered a generator which powered electric motors. And this proved useful when Porsche was head of Hitler’s tank design, as he built hybrid power into his Tiger P design.

      1 month ago
  • You forgot the 2 most important facts about Porsche..........1) They've had the same design shape/styling since the 60's & Buying a 911 is like buying breakfast in the US....... I JUST WANT EGGS!

      1 month ago
  • I know it has beetle origins

      1 month ago