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15 more weird and wonderful facts you didn’t know about cars

You asked for it, so here’s Pt.2!

1y ago

It turns out you guys really enjoy learning obscure and unusual facts about cars, so here is a second part. If you happened to miss the first part then you can check it out by clicking here.

Here are 15 more weird and wonderful facts about cars:

Fact number 1:

Despite the car being invented by the Germans, it wasn't actually them who dominated the production of cars in the early days. And no, it wasn't even the Americans or the Chinese or the British.

Until 1906, France were producing more cars than any other nation. Sure, the Americans took over a year later but pretty impressive stuff for the French don't you think!

Fact number 2:

Volvo built its first car all the way back in 1927. This was known as the Jakob or the OV4, depending on your preference.

Anyway, Volvo being Volvo, you would expect insane craftsmanship and engineering, right? Well, it didn't exactly go to plan as the car had to be recalled because the rear axle had been assembled incorrectly, resulting in the car having four reverse gears and just one to move the car forwards.

Fact number 3:

The 1958 Daimler Conquest was called this because it cost £1066 before taxes and 1066 is also the year the Norman Conquest took place.

Fact number 4:

Guess which company makes the most tyres each year? It's not Michelin, it's not Pirelli, it isn't even Continental. It is actually LEGO!

Fact number 5:

The Pagani Zonda shares the same climate control unit as the Rover 45.

Fact number 6:

It takes 14 individual cow hides to make the interior of one Bentley Mulsanne. Holy cow!

Fact number 7:

US President Lyndon B. Johnson owned an amphibious car and used to drive guests into a lake to scare them.

Fact number 8:

The 350 in the Shelby GT350’s name came from the number of feet it was from the company’s office to the production workshop. I kid you not!

Fact number 9:

In 2005, a man built a car engine powered by the remains of dead cats. He used crushed remains of cats as fuel for a special diesel engine.

This fuel was made from a mixture of landfill and dead cats. He claimed he needed around 20 cats for a 50-litre tank. This didn't catch on...thankfully.

Fact number 10:

You know Aston Martin use the Mercedes-Benz infotainment system? Well, when Aston signed that deal they commissioned a separate company to create bespoke warning tones. This was because they wanted to make them sound more 'British'.

Aston Martin was especially disturbed by the seat belt warning sound and decided to make it sound more "suggestive rather than demanding".

Fact number 11:

As Chevy V8s go, the biggest small-block is actually bigger than the smallest big-block. It works out at 400cu/6.6L vs 348cu/5.7 litres.

Fact number 12:

In order to produce long-lasting paint for the GT-R, Nissan had to develop a technology called 'cushion coat' which was essentially another layer on top of the existing paint to absorb the impact of stones and debris etc.

This was developed by using a prototype GT-R bonnet, an air rifle and a bag of peanuts.

Fact number 13:

The engine used in the MG Metro Turbo was developed by Lotus.

Fact number 14:

The Alfa Romeo GT, Mercedes 190E, Porsche 901, Porsche 928, Volkswagen Corrado and the 2008 Dodge Challenger are all cars which were supposed to be made into convertibles.

They made prototypes and everything but the cars never entered production.

Fact number 15:

Ford didn't want anyone knowing they were making the second-gen GT so gave it the codename Petunia.

All done!

There you have it! Hopefully I have just taught you 15 more car facts you didn't previously know. Comment any you did know and tell me your favourite too!

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    • Yeah...it turned out slightly scarier than I was hoping

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