£150K for 3 Cars?

2y ago


The rules are simple. If £150,000 appeared in your current account tomorrow morning allowing you to purchase up to three cars to meet all your motoring needs, which would you choose?

Would you head straight to the Audi dealership and help yourself to a shiny new R8 or does a more equitable split of the money deliver a greater overall garage?

Here’s my starter for ten but please submit your own three car garages for discussion and debate.

THE CAR TO DO IT ALL. Many of you will have seen Autocar’s recent cover sporting an artists impression of the new Land Rover Defender. It looks absolutely superb and while that isn’t necessarily a good reason to buy a car, it’s as good as any other! On a more practice note, when everything else is snowed in or I need to stick my bike in the boot for the next triathlon, the Defender could do it all. Of course, this choice assumes the new Defender retails for under £50K, a reasonable assumption given the starting prices of the current Discovery range.  

Photo Credit: Autocar. Would you buy for looks alone?

THE DAILY DRIVER. A Tesla Model S? Don’t think so. Manual Golf R? Perhaps, though I’d prefer rear wheel drive. I'm sorely tempted to opt for the all new Alfa Giulia Quadrifoglio but with prices starting at nearly £60K I think I'll 'settle' for a BMW M2 instead. Like the Defender, its looks really appeal. It’s hunkered down and all aggressive and brewing for a fight. Still, there’s room for two small ones in the back and it sends all its ample power to the rear wheels. It would be happy doing the weekly supermarket run, comfortable enough for the Christmas trip to Northern Ireland and very, very enjoyable when opportunity presents itself. I'd choose a dark colour (Mineral Grey) as I wouldn't want to draw too much attention in the workplace car park. 

Photo Credit: BMW. M2 or 2002, which would you choose?

THE WEEKEND WARRIOR. I'll have a different answer next week but as I write I'm 100% convinced a Lotus Exige Sport 350 with tartan seats takes the last slot in this three car garage. It looks like a full on supercar and I think it will age gracefully. As it’s just for weekend I can live with the fairly basic fit and finish (thought the gear level mechanism is pure art) and revel instead in the pure driving thrills Lotus have been delivery for decades. On Scottish back roads there isn’t much that could keep up.

Photo credit: Lotus Cars. Look at that gear lever. Tartan interior?

Now it’s over to you - tell I’m wrong, tell me I’m misguided, tell me I desperately need a classic or something Italian! I never tire of this game…