1/64 Greenlight Pontiac Trans Am

The 1999 Trans Am might not be the most beautiful Pontiac ever built, but it still is a great car and I'm actually starting to like the looks of some 90's cars I used to dislike. And as it turns out the Trans Am's even doing well in deep snow!

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  • Yeah I think it’s gonna have a hard time getting through that snow. Nice model too!

    You also mentioned how you’re coming to like 90s car you didn’t like previously. That’s actually weird because I’m experiencing the same thing. I used to think they were bland and ugly, but I saw a first gen Ford Taurus in a movie the other day and I actually thought it looked sort of space age (the front end) and I thought it was quite a handsome car. (Not handsome as in I’m attracted to it, just handsome as in I think it looks good)

      30 days ago
    • Yeah absolutely, I quite like the old Taurus as well. And then there are European sedans like the Opel Vectra B CC which I always saw as a boring car, but now I think it is pretty interesting, with it's coupe-like shape and integrated mirrors.

        30 days ago
    • You’re right, that is pretty interesting. Also in the 90s V6 engines were standard in many sedans.

        30 days ago
  • DONUTS!!!!!

    Nothing like spinning round n round in an open top.

    Great fun car that was. Never in a ragtop but did get "a ride" in a coupe. We went down my favorite winding road around here - this was 1995. Full beans back end stepping out in almost every turn and going insane rates of speed while eating up the curves. I was amazed at how well the pig just gobbled up those curves and asked for more. I rock German muscle for the twisties and here I was in American iron jamming down a road I know well at nearly twice the rate of speed I was able to achieve with the back end out. Blew me away. I gained a whole new respect for the Trans Am that day. I liked them prior but not enough to ever consider one. Still wouldn't but I do like them and have respect for them as potent performance machines. Laugh factories - I never laughed so hard as I did that day. I don't hang on - I laugh. This car made me laugh. 👍👍 They'd be a great bargain for fun these days...if you can find one that hasn't been abused.

      29 days ago
    • Yeah, that sounds great! I guess in the USA you'd be able to find a good one, but here in Germany they don't exist at all. 🙁

        29 days ago