1:64 Guisval Talbot Horizon

Horizon siblings from different fathers...

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First off. Everyone posted AMAZING photos during LALD2020 celebration. Kudos to you all. Unfortunately, final week of the year is also the busiest at my workplace. lol I wasn't able to participate much. Best of luck to everyone. Can't wait to know the winners of the sweet prizes.

So, onto this magnificent Horizon! I adore Guisval cars and stupid little hatchbacks. This is a perfect addition to my collection. A little backstory before we check out the sweeeet details on this vintage diecast. The Talbot-Simca Horizon was developed by Chrysler Europe from '78 to '87 and intended to be Chrysler's "world car". Ideally, it was meant to be a close collaboration between Chrysler Europe and Chrysler America so that is could be efficiently developed and produced on both sides of the pond and appeal to consumers on both sides as well. Welp... intentions were fine and dandy. But, Chrysler Europe was sold to Peugeot in '78 and the collaboration fizzled off drastically from there. Apart from the Talbot-Simca Horizon looking almost identical to the Plymouth Horizon (aka Dodge Omni) in the US, the cars mechanically were vastly different.

Differences aside, the Horizons sold very well in Euro and US markets. They were also pretty well received for being no-frills economy hatchbacks that sipped gas and got small families and groceries to and fro. The US Spec Horizon was sold all the way through 1990. Shelby Automotive noticed that the car was also pretty wide for a subcompact hatchback and with some bonkers upgrades the Shelby GLH / GLH-S were born to a limited production run with 2.2 Litre Turbo engines. These cars were both quick and nimble micro monsters.

This Guisval 4 door example is fantastic. Aside from a little playwear, everything still functions and the car feels solid with diecast body and base giving it some nice heft.

The rear angle is my favorite on this car. Guisval used red plastic to function as the suspension component within the car, but it also leads back to give us two very nice taillights. License plate numbers and rear trailer hitch are also excellent details. Defroster lines are also on the rear glass which is an excellent touch.

Side angles are excellent. The wheels are proportionally perfect to reinforce this is a small car.

Front details are pretty spot-on. There is no mistaking that this is the European Horizon with the larger headlights and full grille. The US Horizon has smaller headlights and a bit more glitz throughout.

Interior is nice. Excellent details proportions overall.

Doors, have lovely details and still function perfect after all these years.

An excellent peek at the red plastic component that functions as the suspension and taillights. Nice job Guisval! That's some perfect diecast engineering right there. If you are curious, the "boxes" cut into the base are slots that allow the retail packing to clip into place. These cars were sold in plastic display cases instead of cars/blisters that we are used to today.

Chillin' by the horizon.

Here's some comparison photos of the 1:1 cars. First photo is a brown Talbot Horizon (image pulled from Google Image search)

Second photo is a red Plymouth Horizon in the US. The cars look almost identical but they are vastly different!

I'm pretty fond of the Horizon here in the US. There's a red one just like the one in the photo that putters around near Claremont New Hampshire near my workplace when I am not confined to work from home. The cars that have not been killed off by rust are pretty stout mechanically and depending on which engine they were equipped with are raking up miles today. I'm always shocked and pleased when I spot one on the road these days and the cars are close to 40 years old!

Thanks for reading! Happy new year! I hope everyone has a safe and happy 2021.

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  • Love it. I wish Majorette made one of these (pretty sure they didn't), as it probably would have been offered here, and I'd have one. My dad had a Horizon back in the day, and he loved it - it drove well for a malaise economy car, and apparently was amazing in the snow.

      1 month ago
  • My grandpa was a devout Mopar guy. He had a cream yellow 4 door Horizon for a while and my one uncle had a dark red one.

      1 month ago