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17- year-old Sophia Florsch injured in Macau F3 crash

By RACER.com staff

2y ago

Although she suffered an as yet unspecified spinal injury for which she is due to undergo surgery on Monday, 17-year-old German driver Sophia Florsch could count herself fortunate after being involved in a frightening crash during the F3 World Cup final at Macau.


Ticktum wins F3 Macau GP overshadowed by heavy crash

Shortly after the second restart in the crash-marred event, Van Amersfoort Racing driver Florsch ran into the back of another car on the run to Lisboa corner and, after clipping the inside curb, collected the TOM’s entry of Sho Tsuboi. Florsch’s car was launched over Tsuboi’s, over the barrier and catch fencing at an estimated 172mph, landing in an area occupied by track marshals and photographers. One marshal and two photographers suffered minor injuries.

Florsch and Tsuboi were both conscious and alert after being extricated from their cars, although both complained of back pain. They were transported to hospital along with the injured marshal and photographers, where Florsch was diagnosed with a spinal fracture and Tsuboi with “lumbar pain for future examination.”

In a tweet to well wishers, Florsch — a regular in the European F3 series this season — said she was “fine” but acknowledged she will undergo surgery on Monday.

Although the president of the Macau Grand Prix Organizing Committee, Dr. Alexis Tam Chon Weng, emphasized that the event — now in its 65th year — had been run in full compliance with FIA regulations, the world governing body’s president, Jean Todt, took to social media to say the FIA would conduct an investigation.

“After the serious incident today in Macau, the FIA is mobilized to help those involved and analyze what happened,” Todt tweeted. “We will monitor the situation and make the necessary conclusions. All my thoughts are with you Sophia Florsch and the others injured. I wish you all a safe recovery.”

After a 40-minute delay for repairs to the barriers, the race was resumed and Britain’s Dan Dicktum won the F3 World Cup for the second straight year, having led from start to finish.


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Comments (42)

  • Jebus! I really, really hope this doesn't stop her in her careers though, that is the worse thing she can do is stop. Stuff like this happens to the best, I'm glad she came out of this better than we would have thought, looking at that video... Bloody hell...

      2 years ago
  • Wow. Saw the crash, only 17. Wish her the best and a speedy recovery.

      2 years ago
  • I wish her a speedy and full recovery

      2 years ago
  • I've heard a few reasons why she had lost control and so forth. Greatest thing is she's alive and she did what she could. This comes with the territory of racing but for ones making jokes, please pay no mind to them.

    Respect this driver by supporting her, keeping up with the story and let's find the facts.

    This crash was intense but it happens, I'm very glad she's able to speak about something so intense.

    What matters now is hoping she along the others recover in full.

      2 years ago
  • Watching the footage is actually really scary to be honest,

    Kinda dont understand how this track is still a thing now, every time i see or hear the word Macau its involving a fatal crash or a pile up!

    Good to know that Sophia is fighting strong still!

      2 years ago