18 years ago this was our first family car. It took me to France to buy the wine for our wedding, it delivered the Bridesmaids on the day, took my daughters to school and carried us on holiday. Then I ran out of money and had to sell it. Bought it back 8 years later and tonight it’s taking 12 of us to dinner in France. So to hell with worrying over being sentimental about a hunk of metal; it’s part of the family and always shall be. ...though it still lets water in and oil out. And the windscreen wiper motor has broken. And the windows rattle. And it smells a bit funny. But so do I.

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  • Well today my disco 3, May aswellhave blue lights on top and say fire down the side, iwas sat waiting at Leighton hospital in Crewe for my missis to finish her training day, when across the road i noticed and elderly gentleman had decided to park his MPV on a grass verge next to a nasty little slope that leads in to a farmers ditch and hedge, he applied the handbrake but sadly the car decided it didn’t like where it was and wanted to hide under the bush, a little time later a iveco flatback with a winch arrived to assist in re positioning the car on all four wheels, which resulted in the car moving further down, arse in the air and slot of angry motorists stuck on there merry way.

    I had previously asked if they would like help but they thought the winch would work...😳

    A short time later they came over and asked if I could give them a hand,

    Thunderbird 1 to the rescue, after pulling up at the rear of the vehicle, rope attatched, traffic stopped, low ration gear selected, foot down and BOOM........ rope snapped

    Second time around same scenario but stronger rope, foot down (little less power) and up cane the car, up the bank, covered in mud, half a hedge in the bumper and 1 very happy driver.

    Well done disco you are a legend

    29 days ago
  • Another example of a Defenders reliability, truly stunning machine

    30 days ago


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