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This 1920 Hudson Super Six is a two-man racing car likely built to compete in the iconic American “Junk Formula” races of the early 20th century. The interestingly named racing series was named for the cars that raced in it, oftentimes older two-person vehicles with modified passenger car engines fitted to modified road car chassis.

The cars were typically cheap to build and race, and Junk Formula competition quickly gained a reputation for exciting, closely fought battles between daring drivers. The majority of Junk Formula cars haven’t survived to the modern day, many were crashed in competition, but those that weren’t were often scrapped once they were retired from racing – their value was low and they were often in somewhat rough condition from a hard life on the race tracks of pre-WWII America.

Those cars that have survived are now a favorite in vintage racing circles, and the character they exude often can’t be matched by immaculately restored factory-built period racing cars. The popularity of Junk Formula cars has grown significantly in recent years, and it’s now possible to see them being raced competitively in many vintage motorsport events around the world – with some of the cars now being 100 years old or older.

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  • my dad has a Hudson super six, but it's not a race car..

      3 years ago