- Photographed at the 2018 Bay to Birdwood Rally, West Beach, South Australia.

1924 Dodge Buckboard

Starting out by building military vehicles in World War I, the Dodge brothers transitioned into civilian commercial vehicles in 1916 and partnered up with the Graham Brothers in the 1920s to build a range of body styles.

Dodge began exporting cars to Australia in 1916, the first official dealership being S.A.Cheney of Adelaide and soon had Agencies in all Australian states.

The Dodges proved extremely durable and reliable, making them very popular in Australia - many were bodied locally by companies like Holden (later to become GM Holden).

In 1923, Dodge introduced a heavily revised model, with a 116-inch wheelbase and much lower, more modern styling. The L-head four-cylinder engine displaced 212 cubic inches from its cast iron block, had solid valve lifters and produced 35 horsepower. The gearbox had three forward speeds.

After the death of the Dodge brothers in 1920, the company was sold and fell into a slow decline until sold to Chrysler in July 1928, where it remains an integral division to the present day.

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