1925 Maxwell Hot Rod

Photographed in September 2018 at Adelaide's Concours de Lemons

This very nice 1925 Maxwell (Unusual!) has a 1959 Chrysler 313 V8 mated to a Chrysler Royal 2-Speed Automatic gearbox.

It has Drum Brakes, Firewall Heating and Window-less Air Conditioning.

Maxwell built cars in the U.S. from 1904 until 1925.

For a time considered one of the "Big Three" along with Ford and GM, and was the sole survivor of a much larger group, the United States Motor Company.

In 1920 Walter P. Chrysler obtained the controlling interest in Maxwell, being chairman until 1925 when he formed the Chrysler Corporation and phased Maxwell out.

In 1928 Maxwell was revived and renamed to become Plymouth.

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Comments (1)

  • Neat looking truck. The dash is really interesting.

      2 years ago