- Photographed at the 2018 Bay to Birdwood Rally, West Beach, South Australia.

1926 Chrysler 60 Tourer

Chrysler cars were first introduced in 1924 by Maxwell Motors.

One year later the Chrysler Corporation was created.

Their cars featured a revolutionary new six-cylinder, high-compression engine with a seven-bearing crankshaft, carburettor air cleaner, replaceable oil filter and four-wheel hydraulic brakes - features which had never been offered in a medium priced car before.

Sales skyrocketed, to 32,000 in the first year!

By 1926, production had jumped to 1,250 cars a day, taking the young corporation to sixth place among the 49 American automobile manufacturers.

Some of the new engineering features of the 1926 Chrysler included rubber engine mountings, rubber spring shackles and adjustable front seats.

Four different cars bore the Chrysler name; the Chrysler 50, 60, 70, and Imperial 80. Advertisements called attention to the fact that Chrysler cars like the 60 were so-named because of their ability to travel at speeds of at least 60MPH.