1927 Clyno Roadster

46w ago


I came across this very attractive roadster on a recent visit to the brilliant National Motor Museum at Birdwood, South Australia.

Helloooooooo Handsome!

A Bit about Clyno

Clyno manufactured motorcycles and cars. (Who knew?)

They operated in Thrapston U.K. in 1909 and 1910, and then in Wolverhampton until 1929.

At the time they were Britains 3rd largest Car Manufacturer.

Clyno manufactured 15,000 Motorcycles and almost 40,000 cars.

The company was named for a pulley designed for belt-driven machines, known as the "inclined pully", This became abbreviated to the "clined" and then Clyno.

Clyno Motorcycles were famous for their success in hill-climbs, often conquering hills thought to be insurmountable.

During the first world war CLyno manufactured a Motorcycle with a machine gun attachment (I'd buy one of those!)

This 1927 Roadster has a 4-cylinder 1368cc Engine, and a 3-speed gearbox.

I thought it was French! Most surprising.

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