The Alfa Romeo 8C tag refers to a whole line of road, race and sports cars built in the 1930's.

The 8C designates 8 Cylinders, in an in-line configuration of varying capacities. (Ignore the 2007 8C Competizione!)

Initially Alfa refused to sell the 8C to private owners, and they were available for racing only.

In Autumn 1931 they relented, and started selling a rolling chassis to a number of italian coach-builders including Pinifarina and Zagato. Swizz and French coach-builders also got into that act, and Alfa made a number of bodies themselves.

Some Racing 8C's were re-bodied by Alfa and became Road Cars!

So, in general, you have absolutely no idea what to expect when looking at an 8C!

Royalty and successful businessmen of the era were included in 8C ownership lists.

188 units were built in 1931 for Road Use.

ANy way you look at them, these Alfas sure are pretty!

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