1935 Buddy Stewart

28w ago


The Stewart Motor Corporation of Buffalo, New York, started building commercial vehicles in 1912.

For 2 years (1915-16) they produced passenger cars, but they weren't overly successful in the market so Stewart returned to what they did best - Trucks!

In 1921 Stewart released their first civilian pickup truck.

In 1926 they released a medium sized truck with close to car-like performance - the Buddy!

The cool Buddy shown here was built in Canada, and shipped to Australia new.

It has a 162 Cubic Inch 4-Cylinder engine built by Waukesha that produces 35hp. It is matched to a T83 3-speed manual gearbox.

The windows AND windshield open and close by hand, and the spare wheel is mo unted underneath the bed.

Stewart closed the doors in 1942.