- Photographed in May 2018 at the British Classic Tour, South Australia

1935 Hillman Minx Type 10/30 Doctors Coupe

This beautiful little British gem was delivered new in Adelaide, South Australia on October 3 1935, at a cost (including 5 gallons of petrol!) of 341 pounds, 19 shillings and tuppence! The petrol cost 8 shillings and ninepence!

The Hillman Minx was built from 1931 to 1970. There were numerous versions of the Minx over that period, as well as badge-engineered variants sold by Humber, Singer, and Sunbeam.

The Minx was very conventional with a pressed-steel body on separate chassis and 30 bhp 1185 cc engine producing cushioned power.

By 1935 the four-speed transmission had synchromesh on all forward gears and thus the Minx became the first mass-produced car with an all synchromesh gearbox.

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Comments (2)
  • Doctor's Coupe should become a genre again.

    10 months ago
  • A synchronized transmission on a mass-produced car in the '30s was a huge thing! I had no idea. It wouldn't be until after WW2 before cars in the US started getting them and some trucks still had non-synchronized transmissions until the late 50s!

    10 months ago