1939 Jaguar SS 3 1/2 Drop-Head Coupe

Photographed in August 2018 at Gosford Classic Cars, NSW, Australia

2y ago

It's really hard to image a car looking much more British than this 1939 Jaguar SS 3 1/2, isn't it?

The 3 1/2 (3.5) Litre SS was introduced in 1938, as an update to the earlier 2.5 Litre, using the same body and chassis.

Only 3162 3 1/2's were built, and only a very few of them were in this drop-head (convertible) format.

The SS seats five people!

Although commonly accepted as a Jaguar, The 1939 SS actually pre-dates the Jaguar Car Company by some 4 years.

The SS is widely believed to stand for Standard Swallow, as the origin company grew out of the Swallow Sidecar business.

I could look at those headlights for HOURS!

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