1941 Plymouth Coupe

This 1941 Plymouth Business Coupe is a car that you could say is out of character for Anthony ‘Arny’ Beimers...

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Via fueltank.cc

Words & Photography: Luke Ray

A highly skilled craftsman, Arny takes a difficult project on, jumps in feet first, and emerges at the other end with a concours nut & bolt restoration. So, to acquire a finished custom ‘as is’ and not touch it is a somewhat unusual move.

The ‘41 was purchased from Kevin Francis of KA Customs in Huntington Beach California. Arny is a regular visitor to the West Coast shows in the US, and the Chrysler caught his eye during a 2007 visit to the infamous Pamona Swap Meet. “I was actually looking for a 1959 Corvette on that particular trip, but I just couldn’t get the Plymouth out of my mind,” said Arny, “so I bought it instead!”

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