1947 gmc pickup

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  • @matt Christensen- wow I guess that makes sense? But yeah, this is a case where it really has to be the exact right person to spend that kind of money on a classic truck.

      4 years ago
  • It was a special edition of the regular truck. The majority of the parts were the similar to the normal model, but some were different. The owner wanted every new part to be identical to what it used to be. He spent around $150k trying to find the exact parts. He knew he was going to loose money by the end of the restoration. He was just trying to minimizes his losses the best he could.

      4 years ago
  • Wait, $95,000? I get that it's flawless, but really. It doesn't strike me as particularly rare, and there are lots of "very nice" pickups of that era in very nice condition....

      4 years ago