1956 Chevrolet Corvette Roadster - Optional

49w ago


In 1953 Chevrolet got into the Sports Car market with the gorgeous C1 Corvette!

The C1 was built from 1953 through to 1962.

In 1956 a major update of the original design was released, with a new slicker body, optional power assist on the convertible roof. and an optional hardtop.

Coming standard with a 3-speed manual transmission, a 2-speed Powerglide Auto was optional.

The original 6-cylinder engine was no more, and the previously optional 265 Cubic Inch V8 was now standard, with optional power outputs ranging from 210 to 240hp.

Only 3.467 Corvettes were built in 1956, the third-lowest number of any model Corvette.

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