1957 Holden FE Ute

This old girl no doubt had a hard life before being out to pasture and restored to her former glory.

These Utility Vehicle (or Utes) usually started life as a trademan's or delivery vehicle, or if they were REALLY unlucky, a farm workhorse.

Fitted with the 138 cubic inch "Grey Motor" seen in all Holdens up to (and just beyond) this model, this one has been tarted up a bit with some period performance bits, such as extractors and a custom exhaust, and a set of widened steel wheels.

The gearbox is a three-speed manual, with column-mounted gearshift which was known as "three on the tree".

The FE and precursor FC was the first significant update from the very first Holden FX and FJ's, and had a wider body, longer wheelbase, 12 volt electrics and a host of other upgrades.

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Comments (2)
  • Such a great looking Ute! The more of these I see, the more I wonder why they never sold them in the US.

    24 days ago
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    • I know Chev looked at selling the earlier FX/FJ (I forget the reason why they didn't go through with it) but I never heard of them considering these models.

      24 days ago
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