1958 Chevrolet Impala

This stunning 1958 Chevrolet Impala is fitted with the 283 Turbo Fire V8 and a Power Glide Auto.

From the first of ten generations of Impalas, I think this was possibly the best looking!

In 1958 the Impalas were the only Chev model to have Triple Tail-lights.

The Impala differed structurally from other Chev models of the time from the rear pillars back.

1958 was the first model year that Chevs had dual headlights.

Coil springs replaced the previous year's leaf springs, and air suspension was an option.

The 285 Cubic Inch V8 was standard, with a 348 Cubic Inch V8 optional.

55,989 Convertible Impalas and 125,480 Coupes were built in 1958.

The Impala was considered instrumental in helping Chevrolet regain the number one sales position in 1958!

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Comments (4)
  • The '58 Impala is a very underrated car! I think they are better looking than the '55 or the '57. Great looking example!

    1 month ago
  • It's hard to believe that Chevy was only a mainstream marque sometimes. I think there's a bit too much happening with the chrome, towards the rear.

    1 month ago
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