1965 965A Zaporozhets

Zaporozhets was in high demand both in cities and in villages.

4y ago

ZAZ 965 became the first vehicle for many Soviet people. Amazing how these small cars were driven all over the USSR. People could drive these cars for thousands of kilometers to the seaside in the summer. There was lack of car repair stations in the USSR and drivers had to rely on themselves servicing their cars, especially on such long hauls. ZAZ vehicles (and this 965 is no exception) are easy to service. Its basic design and easily accessible compartments contribute to that.

The first car that drove off the ZAZ factory gates in 1960 was ZAZ 965 - exactly like the one we have for sale. It is powered by a MeMZ 965 air-cooled OHV 746 cc V4 engine, producing 23 HP and capable of doing just about 80 km/h. Just like Volkswagen Beetle or Trabant in Europe, Zaporozhets was destined to become a "people's car" in the Soviet Union. It was indeed the most affordable vehicle in USSR, yet it did not become as common on USSR roads, as Trabant in East Germany. The problem was - ZAZ factory could not produce enough cars to satisfy the ever growing demand, and people were waiting for their Zaporozhets for months.

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