1965 Bolwell Mk VII

28w ago


Bolwell were a small manufacturer working out of Melbourne, Australia. They produced a range of hand-built sports cars based on locally-made running gear.

This particular car is a Mark VII, one of 400 built.

Powered by a 6-cylinder in-line Holden (GM) engine of 202 Cubic Inches, it had triple carburettors and was mated to a 5-speed Celica Manual Gearbox.

Most Bolwells were sold as a kit car complete with all mechanical components and a (rather good) Bolwell-designed suspension system.

One advantage of using Holden components was that spare parts and mechanical knowledge was readily available and affordable.

Bolwell operated between 1962 and 1979, at which time operations ceased.

A new Bolwell company was created, and began production of cars in 2009.