1965 Volkswagen Kombi Samba

7w ago


Kombis are cool! Just about everyone loves them, and they've become very collectible!

The one seen here is a very rare and extremely tidy Campervan, enjoy the pictures!

About the Kombi Samba

The Samba is one of the rarest, most desirable Kombis out there.

One sold in 2015 for AU$202,000 !!!

The Kombi was designed in the 1940's

The Kombi uses the same flat-4 air-cooled engine as the VW Beetle.

Only 2 Sambas were complied in Australia.

You Can See More Cars from my visit to Gosford Classic Cars at the Link below.

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Comments (8)
  • MY god I'm in love!

    1 month ago
  • Great looking example. It's amazing to me how much these are able to bring at auction now.

    1 month ago
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    • It's absolutely INSANE! I've heard of people paying close to AU$100,000 for a rusted out non-runner. I really don't get it :)

      1 month ago
      1 Bump
    • I look at them like the obsession with rusty 911's. They are cool cars, but no way I would ever pay that much for one!

      1 month ago


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