- Photos by Davyn Smith at the Adelaide Motorsport Festival

Elfin's first sports car - the 400 signifying the total number built.

This car initially had a 289ci (4700cc) Ford V8, but was soon upgraded to a Ford Cobra V8 of 5000cc.

Elfin was an Adelaide, South Australian manufacturer started in 1959 by Garrie Cooper.

Elfin dominated Australian Open WHeeler and Sports Car Racing, winning 29 national titles between 1962 and 1978.

Garrie and his small team built 248 cars in 27 models, ranging from Formula Vee to Formula 5000.

Garrie went largely unrecognised outside of his peers and customers, but was greatly admired by all who knew him. He passed on in 1982, aged just 46.

The Elfin company subsequently moved to Melbourne, where they built a total of 70 Clubman class cars initially, then moved on to GH Holden powered MS8 Clubmans and Stream-liners.

In 2006 Walkinshaw Racing bought Elfin.

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