1967 Ferrari 365 GT 2+2

Photographed in August 2018 at Gosford Classic Cars, NSW, Australia

The 365 GT 2+2 was the most popular body type in the 365 series, the 2+2 signifying the small (and rather useless) back seat.

Designed and built by Pininfarina, when released it was the biggest and most luxurious Ferrari ever, and caused a major buzz in the car world.

Standard features included Power Windows, a Stereo, and Air Conditioning - a first for Ferrari. EBen Power Steering and Power Brakes were also fitted, and this was the first Ferrari with independent rear suspension.

This was the last production Ferrari to get a wooden steering wheel, alas.

The 4.4 Liter V-12 was significantly larger than earlier cars, but the difference in performance was more noticeable in the increased torque rather than outright power. Output was 320hp, and top speed was 245 km/h.

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