1967 Holden HR Premier X2

49w ago


No, there aren't two of them, that's the Motor!

These rather pretty Holdens had a couple of trim levels, with the Premier being the Luxury model.

You had a choice of 2 engines also - a 161 Cubic Inch in-line Six (called a Red Motor - guess what colour it was?) or a bored-out version, the 186.

There was also a performance option. On early examples they used up the 179 Cubic Inch motor from the previous model, and stuck in a mild cam, shaved the head, and added headers and twin Carburettors. This was the X2 model.

During the model run they ran out of 179's, and used the 186 motor in a similar configuration to the X2, calling it the 186S. From memory, there weren't too many X2's built.

I had one of these HR Premiers as my first "Decent" car, and it was a gem. As teenagers do, I worked it to within an inch of it's life (and beyond!). An extra leaf spring in the back, heavier coil springs in the front, stiffer sway bars, aftermarket Shock Absorbers were just the start.

I turfed the sludgy 2-speed automatic for a really nice late-model 4-speed manual, added a Yella Terra performance Head, a Wade Camshaft, a set of very free-flowing extractors and triple Carbs and I had a car that held it's own on the street very nicely, thanks!

The interior was a pretty nice place to be too.. Leather (probably synthetic) bucket seats and a nice 8-track system and I was cruzin!

My car had white paint with a red interior - but I think i like this one better!

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