1969 EVA Antares 1A by Kenji Mimura

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3y ago

Still involved with engineering. Worked for DOME for some years, before setting up his own engineering design company, MIM Design, which he still heads.

Mimura designed his first racing car when only in his twenties; he designed the EVA Antares sportscars 1A and 2A in 1969, before working on Formula Junior cars in the early 1970's.

Other designs followed but it was still a big leap up to Formula 1, where the Maki effort fell well short of its original intentions. He joined DOME in 1978 as an executive director after licking his Maki wounds, developing them well, before forming MIM in 1985.

He has since designed sportscars (for Mazda), motorbikes, road cars, diggers, telephones, lawn-mowers, hovercrafts and even steam-powered generators.

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