1969 Ford Mustang Restoration by SCL GLOBAL Concept

Restoration of the 1969 Ford Mustang from SCL GLOBAL Concept LV1.

Today we will (hold) your attention to our story, the restoration of the legendary Ford Mustang Fastback 1969 from SCL GLOBAL Concept.

A little history about this car:

The Ford Mustang is an iconic Pony Car manufactured by Ford Motor Company. The car does not have a Ford logo, but a special Mustang logo.

The first prototype of the car under the name Mustang (1962) was a two-seat mid-engine roadster in the spirit of European sports cars of those years with an extremely unusual, futuristic design.
This influenced the choice of the concept of the new car, as a result, the Mustang became a four-or five-seat coupe of the "classic" layout on a modified Falcon chassis. And from the mid-engine concept, the car inherited only the air intakes behind the doors, which, of course, were already fake.
The prototype was built in 1963 and had a much bolder design than the subsequent production model.

By the 1969 model year, the Ford Mustang underwent a re-modernization, increasingly moving away from the original concept: with the same wheelbase, the length of the car increased by 3.8 inches (~ 10 cm), the weight — by 140 pounds (~ 70 kg), and new versions appeared in the model line: cheap E, luxury Grande and sports BOSS and Mach 1.
In 1969, the Ford Mustang for the first time received a four-headlight light scheme, the headlights were placed inside and outside the radiator grille.

It is worth noting that this class, originated by the Ford Mustang, is the only class of "American Muscles" that has survived to this day…

In fact, most of the rare models and especially various classics are in such a state, and they are not given worthy treatment. But not in our case.
Such a legend visited the walls of SCL GLOBAL Concept, and we breathed new life into it.

There was a lot of work to be done with this car, namely, at the initial stage, it was decided to start working with:

- complete repainting with the removal of all layers of paint and putty to metal;
- straightening works, to achieve the best condition of the metal forms, for subsequent preparation for painting;
- adjusting all the gaps of the doors, hood, trunk lid, etc.;
- restoring the interior plastic;
- replacement of seats, upholstering the front panel and door linings in leather;
- improvements on sensors and multimedia;
- replacement of the headlights;
- replacement of chrome, seals, rubber bands;
- replacement of the brake system.

At first glance, it may seem that the condition of this car is ideal. However, the beginning of the disassembly of the car has already shown the incompetence of the people who worked with this car before us. Hence the assumption that the paint is far from being in the best condition.
And if we are talking about any poorly performed work and about the general condition of the car, then this is not speculation, but the assessment of specialists in their field.

The following stages of work will answer many questions and even clarify the perplexities of some (readers) who believe that the car is in perfect condition. As we have already written, not everything can be seen by a less professional look.

Very soon we will tell you in detail about all the work that we have done. To be continued..

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