1969 Gaz Cajka

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Cajka means "Gull" in Russian, which is where this Gaz originates from.

THis model was first released in 1959, and was produced through to 1981 with 3.179 being built in total.

The Cajka was powered by a 195hp V8 of 5.5 Litres capacity, mated to a similar (ripped off?) design to a push-button Chrysler Torqueflite.

It was offered as a Saloon (Gaz 13), a Limousine (Gaz 13A) and a 4 door Cabriolet (Gaz 13B), which had an electro-hydraulic roof.

The Gaz was generally used by Russian officials and diplomats.

More pictures from Gosford Classic Cars at the link below

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  • You can see a mid '50s Ford in the roof profile, late '50s GM in the grille and Lincoln in the headlights. Crazy car.

    1 month ago
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  • It's funny how they sort of aped the American styling.

    1 month ago
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    • I'm sure it would be a huge pile of poo, but it's very cool looking :)

      If it were mine I would have to whack a big blower on it, sticking out the hood, and drag radials! :)

      1 month ago
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    • And since it's a Commie car, I wouldn't actually mind. I might even laugh.

      Actually, a second ago, I think I just did.

      1 month ago
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